Removing the Spotlight Icon in OS X Mavericks

One of my pet peeves is the fact that, with the advent of Mavericks, the Spotlight icon won’t seem to hide from my menubar. I use Alfred to do most of my app launching and file finding, so the spotlight is more or less redundant, and takes up yet another spot of my precious menubar real estate. I’ve tried hiding the icon in bartender (this worked fine in Mountain Lion), but ever since I updated to Mavericks the Spotlight stubbornly remains.

Now, thanks to this fine gentleman, I’ve found a way to remove the spotlight icon, at least until I repair my machine’s file permissions. According to Collin, you just have to open up the Terminal (I use iTerm) and enter the following commands.

You’ll be prompted for an admin password, go ahead and type that puppy in.

This technique worked like a charm for me in Mavericks 10.9.1, and should also work for previous versions through OS X 10.6.

If you’re an Alfred user, you still want to allow Spotlight indexing, as Alfred leverages it to find apps, files, and the like. If not, you can remove it like so:

I haven’t tested this, but I’m guessing that the spotlight icon will likely reappear when you go through and repair file permissions, so you may need to repeat this process after system maintenance and such.

Happy customizing!

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