John Buckingham

To put it simply, John Buckingham is a Christian, husband, father, wordsmith, code slinger, retired homeschooler, burgeoning warrior and international bumbler.

Living with his wife, Rachel, in Portland, Oregon. John’s most recent passion is coding, the pursuit of which leads him to misplace large amounts of time, forget his surroundings, and frequently miss meals.

When he is not slinging code or designing the next great piece of art, John writes avidly, and spends time with his beautiful wife and wonderful daughter.

Having traveled much in his youth, John has since settled down (for the time being), and enjoys a mostly quiet life filled with simple pleasures, and a great deal of rain.


John Buckingham is a web developer with a background in graphic design, copywriting and brand development. Having grown up immersed in the world of code, development, tech and computer programming, it is difficult for John to remember a time when he was not honing his development skillset. With over 5 years experience building, customizing, maintaining and securing websites, John is passionate about semantic code, website security and clean, elegant design. Proficient in frontend development, PHP, jQuery and WordPress, John continues to build and refine his skillset to deliver the best possible results for the task at hand.


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