How to Fix a 505 Internal Error with VestaCP

I currently host this site (and a few others to boot) on an unmanaged VPS from the most excellent folk at Digital Ocean. Now, I’m a fan of the command line, but I’m not as quick as I’d like to be, and I need to be able to quickly and efficiently set up staging sites, client accounts, and the like.

Enter VestaCP, a free, open-source, Russian-built control panel of excellence.

Setting up accounts, databases, and staging sites is super simple, and I’ve even set up Varnish for superfast pageload times.

The only downside to this control panel is that there’s very little information on this control panel (just one support forum), and a large percentage of that support is in Russian.

Imagine my dismay when I went to log in to Vesta to received an error message out of the blue. 505 Internal Server Error, read the screen. All my sites still loaded, but I couldn’t access the control panel or log in at all.

The fix? Clear all cookies and you’re back up and running!

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