How to Change Hard Disk Size on a Digital Ocean Droplet

Running a large majority of my sites on a Digital Ocean droplet with the help of VestaCP. The setup is affordable, easy to get running, and easy to maintain.

As a WordPress developer, I’m more than paranoid about losing data, and run multiple backup and disaster recovery solutions on all my sites, just in case something happens.

VestaCP, in all it’s elegant simplicity, offers user-level daily backups to supplement my Backup Buddy site-specific backups and the weekly droplet backups offered by Digital Ocean.

BackupBuddy and Digital Ocean backups both back my sites up offsite, so I can quickly restore should the datacenter or server become compromised in some way. VestaCP, however, backs up directly to my server.

And when you’re running as many sites as me, this can take up a lot of disk space.

Thus it transpired with my Digital Ocean droplet a few weeks back. VestaCP was emailing me daily to inform me how I’d run out of disk space on my droplet (20GB), and how my precious backups had failed. I had run a quick resize function on my droplet to increase RAM and CPU capacity, but resizing available disk space isn’t quite as simple.

I first tried creating a droplet (with more disk space) based on a snapshot of my original droplet. This, unfortunately, caused some kind of weird DNS issue that I didn’t have the time or inclination fro troubleshoot, so I just destroyed the newly created droplet and started Googling.

The solution, it turns out, is much more simple than I had suspected.

Just power down the droplet you wish to resize, create a snapshot, destroy the droplet (make sure to have a snapshot or backup!) and create a new droplet with the exact same username.

With a bit of luck Digital Ocean will assign the same IP address (the system tries to do this first) to your droplet, and you’ll have a newly resized droplet with all the information you need!


  1. Revorma

    So, how about the disk space? Is it resize as same as package you choose? Because I got the information that say the disk space not change. E.g when I upgrade from 1GB to 4GB, it still 30GB disk space.

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