Chrome is the Greatest Browser of All Time

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How to Change Hard Disk Size on a Digital Ocean Droplet

Running a large majority of my sites on a Digital Ocean droplet with the help of VestaCP. The setup is affordable, easy to get running, and easy to maintain.

As a WordPress developer, I’m more than paranoid about losing data, and run multiple backup and disaster recovery solutions on all my sites, just in

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How to Fix a 505 Internal Error with VestaCP

I currently host this site (and a few others to boot) on an unmanaged VPS from the most excellent folk at Digital Ocean. Now, I’m a fan of the command line, but I’m not as quick as I’d like to be, and I need to be able to quickly and efficiently set up

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Removing the Spotlight Icon in OS X Mavericks

One of my pet peeves is the fact that, with the advent of Mavericks, the Spotlight icon won’t seem to hide from my menubar. I use Alfred to do most of my app launching and file finding, so the spotlight is more or less redundant, and takes up yet another spot of my precious menubar real estate. I’ve tried hiding the icon in bartender (this worked fine in Mountain Lion), but ever since I updated to

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Hello world!

Welcome to the first post, automagically created by WordPress, much to my consistent chagrin. I’ll leave it here to pad my post count.

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